About Virginia Beach

The Expo venue is located only minutes from the world’s longest pleasure beach and resort area. More than 35 miles of ocean and bay beaches, sand to sidewalk, award winning boardwalk, a cosmopolitan downtown, restaurants and shopping options galore, no wonder more than 3 million people visits this exciting resort town each year.

Global trade is big business in Virginia Beach. More than 20 international firms have their US or North American headquarters here, including STIHL, Kettler, Busch, Hermes, IMS:Gear and others. Over 200 other foreign businesses have locations here too, and the trend isn’t slowing down, as our 16 international marketing missions in the past year suggest.

These same attributes make Virginia Beach a hotbed of young companies and entrepreneurs. In fact, there is a track record of success here: Amerigroup and Liberty Tax are just two examples of Virginia Beach startups that have become billion-dollar companies.  And, because success breed success, companies find themselves surrounded by winners, which means access to more talented people and bright minds.  Virginia Beach has so much to offer domestic and international businesses.

Enjoy all the perks of coastal charm and big-city amenities, entertainment, shopping and dining this exciting resort town while also taking care of business and taking charge of your future!